Cactus Is The Real Deal

Black Nopal offers products exclusively from a patented cactus leather fabric that is created by the Mexican company, Desserto. Desserto spent 2 years testing the use of Mexico's abundant prickly pear cactus to create a fabric that is sustainable and eco-friendly while still maintaining superb performance compared to regular leather. The final result is a highly-durable, ultra-soft, and breathable leather that is racking up rewards for excellence.

The production process starts with cutting off mature cactus leaves while letting the smaller leaves grow. The plant continues to survive and yields a harvest every few months. The cut leaves are then cleaned, mashed, and air-dried for 3 days before being bonded and shaped into its final texture.

While the leather producing and tanning process has several downfalls, cactus leather has several significant advantages. The production process is sustainable, pvc and phthalate free, fully organic, requires no water irrigation system, and only uses the leaves of the cactus plant. The final product is durable, soft, breathable, flexible, stain-free, and resistant to abrasions, rubbing and tearing. It handles humidity and liquids very well, is bacteria and mildew resistant, is UV and cold resistant, is fire retardant, and is easy to clean.

Additionally, the Black Nopal supply chain is entirely based in North America, allowing for a dramatic decrease in transportation’s effect on the environment. The cargo ship and long flight transports from Asia have significant impacts on air and water pollution. The Mexican / American supply chain dramatically cuts shipping times, from as long as 15 – 20 days of transit down to 2 – 3 days of transit, reducing the use of fuel and the need for sea freight.

When animal leathers are increasingly controversial, and faux leathers are deemed uncomfortable, cactus leather is a perfect alternative for humane comfort and durability. Black Nopal aims to help change the future of fabric by offering a wide variety of products from this environmentally friendly material.

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